Benefit Brows range


First off, a prediction: brows are the new hair. We can still remember when women went to the hairdresser for an occasional trim; now, hair’s an intrinsic element of the image we present to the world, and most of us have an arsenal of products at our fingertips to help us achieve the style we want. And take it from us: the same thing’s happening with brows. Maybe it’s the Kardashian influence, or Kate-Middleton-as-was – or maybe the world’s just waking up to the fact that brows are face ‘architecture’, and eyes (well, just about every facial feature) are showcased better when they’re groomed, shaped and coloured.

Benefit have been a big part of that – and now, with a collection of 13 (yes, 13!) brow products, including loads of innovations, which were unveiled (to great excitement) on The Good Ship Benefit a few weeks ago. Cleverly, the shades have all been matched so that if you’re one of the six shades in one product, that’s true across the whole, massive range. And finally, with the embargo lifted, we can share our favourites...

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil, £18.50. Benefit offer two brow pencils, one slant-tipped – and this super-fine twist-up option, just brilliant for filling in with the finest, most featheriest hair-like strokes, for a truly natural look. (It promises to stay put for 12 hours, too.)

Benefit Grooming Tweezer & Brush, £15.50. Just genius: not only does the slant-twip offer great grip for plucking, but there’s a brush for grooming hairs into place before or after.

Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil, £17.50. There’s very little that’s more flattering to eyes than a touch of shimmer under the brow-bone; in a soft, glimmering Champagne pink shade, it blends brilliantly and almost miraculously ‘wakes up’ the eye area.

Benefit Ready, Set, Brow!, £18.50. Just great for taming strays and keeping brows in place without them looking unnatural; once you’ve achieved your desired brow ‘look’ this keeps them perfect all day long.

Benefit Ka-Brow! Cream-Gel Brow Colour with Brush, £18.50. Possibly our favourite product in the whole range. Un-click the brush from its hidingplace in the top, flip it over and click it back into place, then use it to stroke on the gel colour, which brilliantly fills and defines brows.

The packaging’s sleek, silver (and witty, some of it looking like a sort of ‘arrow’). And all we need now is a trunk to lug around our new brow must-haves.

Find Benefit Brows at£15.50-24.50 (now launched nationwide)