Beauty Pie Jeju Overnight Moisture Superinfusion


By now you must have heard about Beauty Pie. It's the industry 'disruptor', set up by the dynamic Marcia Kilgore (formerly of Soap & Glory, Bliss and – on an ongoing basis – of FitFlops). Her idea is to bring products to customers at factory prices. No fancy packaging. (Although the black and white is really very chic and reminiscent of A Very Big Beauty Name Indeed.) No supermodel 'faces'. No costly advertising.

The one factor is that you need to 'subscribe' via a membership package to Beauty Pie to get those prices. It's £10 a month (three-month minimum), or £120 for a year to include a full gift set of their bestselling items worth £90 (at full prices, that is). You can then shop for up to £100 worth of luxury skincare and make-up items, including beauty tools like brushes.

By every product, then, you'll see the 'market' price – and the members' factory costs. And it honestly, this is so worth checking out. Marcia knows her product like almost nobody we've ever met.

Beauty Pie Jeju Overnight Moisture Superinfusion is one of our favourites to date – £70 to non-members, or £12.28 factory cost to members. It's a skin-balancing moisturiser packed to the gills with hyaluronic acid, and infused with something called 'Lycoskin defence' – a tomato stem cell-derived ingredient – along with flower stem cells. (Though don't run away with the idea that this product is natural. It's free from the nasties, but pretty high-tech.)

That's the technical stuff, but what we're more interested in is how it feels on the skin – wonderfully quenching and comforting – and how skin looks next morning, which is plumped-up and dewy.

Would we pay £70 for it? Maybe not. But at £12.28 (even with that membership)? It's a flipping steal.

Beauty Pie Jeju Overnight Moisture Superinfusion/£12.28 for 50 ml at