Beauty Clinic: How can I get a softer-looking fringe?


Q. I really want to have a fringe to lighten up my rather heavy bob but I am worried about it looking too hard and blocky.  How can I get something that will disguise my lined forehead but look softer? A. There is a revolution going on in the world of fringes this year. And it’s all down to our old friend, super-stylist Charles Worthington MBE.

Together with Katie Allan, Creative Manager at the eponymous CW salons, Charles has created a new technique of cutting called Flip Cutting, which – according to Hair magazine – is ‘going to change the life of your hair, quite literally’.

Flip Cutting promises to enhance the volume and movement of your hair by giving sections a slight twist as they are cut. This creates ‘a bevel that complements your face shape and is especially effective used through the fringe,’ we’re told.

Charles has christened the new-look fringe ‘The Drape’ and we think it looks really rather gorgeous – and a world away from the solid block across the forehead that suited Coco Chanel and Anna Wintour but not many others.

According to Charles, ‘this Flip Cutting technique is a modern way of cutting a fringe to achieve a rounder, face framing shape with softer edges, which takes away from that old-fashioned, hard, blocky look’.

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