Beauty Clinic: Which skincare will prevent breakouts?


Q. I really need your help in finding a skincare range that doesn't make my formerly normal skin break out. My forehead is now very oily and I get white lumps under the skin mainly on my cheeks. My skin disaster started after a course of microdermabrasion, which left my skin very thin. I have tried many different ranges and nothing helps. A. We are so sorry for your dilemma. To advise you, we turned to Dr. Rabia Malik (, who specialises in helping patients with sensitivity problems.

Cosmedix CleanserDr. Malik responds: ‘it sounds like you need to go right back to basics, as it seems your skin has become irritated and sensitised. I would try Cosmedix Benefit Clean cleanser, £27.45 for 100 ml, which is gentle and non-irritating and should not cause white bumps under the skin. This can be followed by Cosmedix SPFCosmedix Serious Protection SPF28, £42.63 for 100 g,  to hydrate and protect the skin from potential sun damage.

MV Jojoba OilAt night, Dr Malik recommends using MV Organic Jojoba Oil, £28 for 35 ml, which can be applied as a moisturiser all over the face after cleansing. ‘This combination should allow the skin to heal,’ she says. ‘If it continues to break out after six weeks of this simplified skin care regime, I would suggest reviewing your internal health as diet, gut inflammation, and/or hormonal imbalances may be contributing factors and will need to be addressed to get the best results.’

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.51.37Another reader who has Asian skin also has spots/bumps under her skin, which started on her jawline and moved on to her cheeks. She is 47 and again nothing she has tried works. Dr Malik says: ‘Bumps under the skin often suggest congestion, which first needs to be addressed by effectively cleansing the skin. I would try a non-sulphate containing facial wash: two of the best are Skin Therapy Cleanser by Dr. Julia T Hunter (stocked at Grace Belgravia Medical, and Cosmedix Benefit Clean. I would then use a basic moisturiser such as Cosmedix Hydrate+, £87.95 for 100 ml, or MV Organic Rose Moisturiser, £24 for 15 ml. These combination should help the skin settle and will not irritate it further.’

Dr. Malik adds that bumps around the jaw line can also be indicative of hormonal imbalance. ‘Since perimenopause can result in skin changes, I would suggest seeing a nutritional therapist for guidance about diet and supplements that can help with this.’