Beauty Clinic: Preventing holiday haystack hair


Q. How can I prevent my hair looking like a haystack on holiday in the sun?

A. We know the problem all too well. Sun, salt, wind and chlorine can wreak havoc especially on coloured or processed hair. One of our favourite tips is to wear a hat as often as possible: if you choose a closely woven one with a big brim it shields your eyes and ears too, so it’s multi-duty beauty. For the rest, we sort the advice of stylist Norris Ogario, the founder and creative director of Ogario London – whose products have won several Beauty Bible awards. (We use them ourselves too.)

Norris Ogario advises:

Book in for a trim before your holiday to ensure any split ends are chopped off and your hair is in the healthiest condition possible before you hit the beach. However, it’s better to have colour done when you come home as the sun can lift the colour, and seawater (or chlorine) can dehydrate the hair.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.41.32

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.41.32

Treat your hair to a deep nourishing hair masque weekly for four weeks before your holiday. Use a mask with ingredients that nourish and feed the hair. Ogario London Restore & Shine Hair Masque with lavender and sage/£28.50 for 200 ml, really helps penetrate and strengthen the hair follicles.

Maintain the condition while you are away by applying the masque once or twice a week. Smear a little onto the ends of your hair before going in the sun to help protect them from going dry and frazzled. TheRestore And Shine Hair Masque comes in a travel size too/£10.50 for 50 ml.

Don't wash dry brittle hair in hot water as this just dries it out even more. Instead, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner in lukewarm water then finish with a flurry of cold water as this helps seal the cuticles for better shine.

Leave the hairdryer and straighteners behind. Just throw some large Velcro rollers into your suitcase instead - great for adding volume and oomph.

If you have longer hair, shampoo and condition before bed and loosely plait. Simply shake out your locks and run your fingers through in the morning for super soft sexy beach waves.

If your scalp feels tender and sunburnt, it’s vital to use a very gentle shampoo and conditioner with no harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin even more. Try Ogario London Hydrate & Shine or Revive & Shine products: they are chockfull of hair-friendly, botanical ingredients. Wash your hair as normal then rinse hair with a soothing green tea rinse to help ease any stinging and tenderness. Simply pour boiling water over a green tea bag in a cup and let it steep for ten minutes. Remove the tea bag and