Beauty Clinic: My acne's zapping my confidence

Q. I am 18 and very insecure about my complexion. I suffer from really bad acne and have a lot of scarring. My complexion is a combination of dry around my eyes and cheeks but oily around my T-Zone and nose. I have tried so many drug store skin treatments but nothing has worked. Could you suggest some products to help my complexion and a foundation that would be good for my skin? I am not very outgoing and I feel this is because I am so hung up about my skin. A. We are very sympathetic to this situation and hope that the advice below helps you. Do remember that so many girls your age go through this and come out the other side (Sarah was so afflicted that her brother called her Spotty Muldoon).

Firstly, most drug store treatments contain harsh agents (e.g. benzoyl peroxide), which dry the skin and strip it of natural oils so it goes into overdrive to compensate. Result – more oil and more spots.

Derma E Very Clear CleanserHere is pharmacist Shabir Daya’s advice: ‘I believe that acne and spots need to be addressed using skincare that does not strip the skin of its natural oils plus taking a supplement that works to cleanse and purify the bloodstream of toxins and hormonal wastes, which inflame skin causing excessive oil production leading to acne.’

Shabir recommends the Very Clear range of skincare products from Derma E, which are all paraben free and contain natural skin-balancing ingredients. Derma E Very clear Acne Cleanser, Spot Treatment, Astringent and Moisturizer all from

Viridian Clear SkinIn addition, Shabir advises you consider taking Viridian Nutrition Clear Skin Complex. ‘This supplement contains a blend of herbal and nutrient complexes that work to cleanse the bloodstream, achieve hormonal balance, encourage the healing of skin and ensure optimal digestion to break down food more efficiently since improper breakdown results in stagnation of food in the gut and ultimately encourages toxin absorption into the bloodstream.  Most people experience positive benefits within a month of usage of this supplement, however Clear Skin Complex is suitable for ongoing usage,’ he says; take two daily with food.

Diet-wise, sugar from all sources including fruit juice and carbohydrates are a concern with acne and reducing your consumption of all types of sugar often helps. ‘Additionally, reducing your intake of wheat and other grains helps to reduce the amount of gluten you consume; gluten can promote inflammation, which is a factor in acne and troubled skin.’

Finally, foundation. We suggest you look at a mineral cosmetic range such as bareMinerals, which will help disguise blemishes and make your skin look gorgeous but still allow your skin to breathe. The best thing to do is book in at a Bare Minerals counter for a make-up makeover and see how you get on. You can find your nearest store by visiting and using Store Locator.

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