Beauty Clinic: it's hay fever season - help!

Q. I have suddenly developed dark circles and puffy eyes, which are a bit sore, just over the last few weeks. Someone suggested it could be hay fever – could this be right? And what can I do? Vogel Hayfever tabletsA. Congested sinuses, which go with hay fever – or seasonal allergic rhinitis as it’s called medically – are indeed linked to dark circles, together with puffiness and sore watering eyes.

Hay fever is often thought as causing a runny nose, a tickly throat and perhaps clogged ears, but for many people (including Sarah) eyes are vulnerable too. So that could certainly be your problem.

Pharmacist Shabir Daya recommends:

Haymax pure• A Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets/£7.95 for 120 tablets: with seven tropical herbs in varying homeopathic potencies, this is non-drowsy, suitable for children over 12 too. It helps allergies to grass or tree pollen as well as to dust, animals and pets.

HayMax Pure/£6.99 for a 5 ml pot: an organic drug-free barrier balm that traps pollen before in gets into the nose.

Vogel Eye dropsA Vogel Eye Drops/£8.95 for 10 ml: with hyaluronic acid and eyebright to moisturise and refresh eyes; also suitable for contact lens wearers.

Lying down with warm, damp, camomile tea bags on your eyes can help too, as can cucumber slices. And above all, wear big dark glasses with wide bars at the side to protect your eyes from all manner of pollutants when you go out.

We’re great believers in a good concealer too. Sarah relies on Liz Earle Light Reflective Concealer, £15.50,  which conceals the dark circles and brightens the eye area. With puffiness, try stroking it over the crease under the eye bag to disguise that (works with nose to cheek lines too, incidentally).