Beauty Clinic: Itchy scalp S.O.S.

Q. I have been suffering with a very itchy scalp for a number of years now and have tried so many products, from the cheapest to the most expensive.  I have an oily scalp, my hair is quite fine and it is coloured.  The itchiness also affects the back of my neck. Recommendations would be so much appreciated: it not only drives me to distraction, but also my husband. A. Pharmacist Shabir Daya says that ‘an oily scalp is normally associated with underlying inflammation. The neck rash suggests that it's either the shampoo or the colourant that you are using that is causing this.’

Botanical TherapeuticsHe recommends Botanical Shampoo & Body Wash, which contains a blend of soothing & calming herbs to relieve itching and regulate oil production. There is also a matching conditioner.

If you suspect that your hair colourant is the villain, you may want to try a new range that has managed to eliminate several of the synthetic chemicals that can cause sensitivity, in particular peroxide, ammonia and ethanolamine. Simply Natural Colour offers grey coverage and colour without peroxide, which, they say, can be an alternative option for fine, fragile or over-processed hair.

It comes in ten shades and is designed to nourish your current colour as well as deepen or darken the tone but NB it will not lighten your hair. There is a useful guide to Shade Selection on the website, under Hints and Tips.

Simply Natural Colour uses a system called Hydro-Oxygen, which oxygenates the colour pigment of the hair with warm water – slowly absorbing the pigment through the cuticle and locking the colour into the hair shaft, without opening the hair cuticle. This improves hair hydration and thus the condition of your hair. It may also help your itchy problem. Visit for more information.

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