Beauty Clinic: I'm worried I'm losing my hair

Q. I have female pattern baldness (receding hair line, hair loss at sides of head, thinning temples).  Would Phylia De M. Connect and Reconnect help to thicken/regrow my hair? A. The whole Phylia de M. range has proved extraordinarily effective with users (which includes us – we use Clean, the shampoo, and Condition).  The distributors here in the UK,, have had many testimonials from delighted customers who invariably re-order.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 10.18.46Connect is a ‘Leave-In Treatment for Scalp & Hair’ that claims to help stop hair loss and thinning hair as well as strengthening existing hair.  We know the founder, Kazu Namise, who developed the range in Los Angeles with her godfather, an oncologist who grows organic herbs on his Californian ranch.

Connect contains:

• An aloe blend to soothe and encourage keratin production for healthy hair, skin and nails.

• A tannic acid blend to help repair damaged cells.

• Pure humic-free fulvic acid, which works as a highly effective transport vehicle for nutrients taking them to the cells. Fulvic acid also helps to detoxify and encourage healthy cell regeneration.

According to Kazu, ‘Phylia de M.'s science is based on the fact that stress is the root cause of  hair loss, so the good news is that even if you are genetically predisposed to female pattern baldness, you can change that predisposition.’

Kazu suggests looking at the Scalp Sense section on, ‘as this will review the area on your scalp and the correlative stress and internal distress that you can focus on healing so that you help from the inside out as well.’

Kazu recommends starting with the 3 Step Kit and after one to two months, incorporating Re-Connect on the areas you want to really push re-growth.  (If your budget doesn't permit you to use the three products, you could use a different shampoo and conditioner with Connect but we would suggest investing in the range if you possibly can.)

Connect is more gentle and best for starters to heal the skin, detoxify the nerves and scalp, minimize shedding and secure the existing hairs.  Re-Connect is much more potent and it is best to follow with this after the first round of healing settles in with Connect.’  You then alternate between the two products daily.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 10.10.28Phylia de M. 3 Step Kit includes full sizes of Clean, Condition (both 265ml) and Connect (120 ml).  Phylia de M. Re-Connect is a hyper-concentrated form of the Phylia de M. formula, designed to be used with Connect.

Yes, it's expensive - but the testimonials continue to blow us away.

Phylia de M. 3 Step Kit/£103 at - buy here

• Phylia de M. Connect/£45 for 120ml at www.victoriahealth.combuy here

• Phylia de M. Re-Connect/£60 for 120ml at - buy here