Beauty Clinic: I'm looking for natural haircare

Q. I try to use reasonably natural products as much as I can – even more so now as I am trying to conceive my first baby at 39.  I have very dry thick coloured hair, which is more coarse than it used to be – quite grey under the colour.  Is there a shampoo and conditioner that is truly natural, free of all nasties, and ultra-nourishing? A. Firstly, our very best wishes for becoming a mother.  And secondly, we will try to help with your dilemma about natural hair products for your demanding mane!

In the consumer trials for our latest book, The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, the only shampoo that gained very good reviews from our 10-woman tester panels and is also certified organic for 82.7% of ingredients was Green People Green People Intesnive ShampooIntensive Repair Shampoo.

One tester commented: ‘my hair is in very good condition, more manageable and definitely looks better – I’d recommend this as I’ve used a lot of shampoos over time but this one is the best, and I’ve already purchased another bottle.  It’s a real winner for me.’

There is a matching Intensive Repair Conditioner at the same price, which you can use as a conditioning treatment: just wrap your hair in a towel and leave for ten minutes plus.

Another range you could explore is the Harmonic products from Intelligent Nutrients (, developed by the late great pioneer of natural hair care Horst Rechelbacher, the original founder of Aveda.

We also love the Phylia de M products from Victoria Health, which are super-natural and effective, although they may not be nourishing enough for your hair type at the moment.

Ojon Damage RemedyYou could also look at Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment.  You warm this solid oil/balm, which contains ojon oil, tonka bean, vetiver and benzoin, and then apply straight to hair – and it really does what it says on the label.


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Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment/£34.50 for 100 ml at - buy here

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