Beauty Clinic: I just want a 'normal' mascara!


Q. I am looking for a good everyday mascara, without bits in it. Just something that will colour and condition my lashes - waterproof would be good too as I tend towards panda eyes. I don't need something to take me to a nightclub - just to work. A. Hmmm, we know what you mean about the plethora of products with ever more lengthening, curling, volumising claims. Marketing can go a bit OTT.

Clinique Naturally GlossyWe think you will be pleased with Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara. Realistically, it states ‘There’s virtually no clumping, no flaking, no smudging – just the most natural-looking lashes a woman could hope for’. And having trialled tens of products we are happy to agree.

One coat colours, defines and emphasises your lashes. Two gives them a bit more oomph. But, importantly for what you want, this doesn’t have bits in and your lashes absolutely don't feel dry or brittle. Also, this mascara has a really good brush, which doesn't load your lashes but does help you cover them evenly. Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara/£17.50, in Jet Brown and Jet Black, at Clinique counters nationwide and

Bobbi Brown No Smudge MascaraAnother honourable mention goes to Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara/£20, only in Black. Long-wearing and waterproof (as you might guess), this does boast curling and lengthening properties but, in our experience, gives you that ‘everyday’ look you ask for.

Finally, a make-up artist’s tip which we often use: to emphasise your eyes and lashes without loading on mascara, use an eyeliner pencil (sharpened) or a gel eyeliner with a tiny brush and draw a fine line in the base of your lashes. Push the pencil or brush down into the lashes rather than above them. You can also use this trick on the odd day when you leave your mascara behind by mistake, as Sarah found recently.