Beauty Clinic: Help for post-facial traumatised skin

Q. Two years ago I had a facial and the therapist squeezed the skin on my cheek so much it hurt and the next day I still had the redness. It stayed there for a long time then turned into a red bump, like a [lumpy] spot. A pharmacist said she had traumatized the skin. It is still there and is now depressing me. Is there anything I can do please? A. We are so sorry to hear this. For expert advice, we turned to pharmacist Shabir Daya. He agrees that the area has been traumatised, saying ‘there is clearly underlying inflammation that needs to be countered in order for the skin to heal and repair itself. In order to achieve this, I would firstly recommend cleansing the bloodstream of toxins and other compounds responsible for causing this inflammation.'

Clear Skin ComplexHe advises taking a supplement called Clear Skin Complex by Viridian Nutrition (take two capsules daily with food).   ‘Although it is primarily aimed at acne and spots, Clear Skin Complex works equally effectively for most compromised skin conditions as the formulation contains burdock and gotu kola, which contain potent anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties, together with zinc, which encourages healing of all soft tissues.’

Topically, Shabir Daya recommends two options, both of which calm skin quickly, encourage localised circulation and promote healing.

IS Clinical ShealdOriginally formulated for patients post chemotherapy or cosmetic surgery, iS Clinical Sheald Recovery Balm is proving very successful with many different types of skin problems. As well as minimizing scars it decreases inflammation.

The second option is Skin Shop Silver Serum, which is designed to treat inflamed skin as well as acne and rosacea.

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