Beauty Clinic: Eyebrow advice, please?

Q. Lots of people say my eyebrows are too far apart and to grow them in again.  The problem is that I don't pluck my naturally thick eyebrows (which I LOVE) – they just don't extend inwards.  All the products to stimulate growth are targeted to people who have over-plucked rather than encouraging growth in a new area.  Is there anything I can do? A. We can’t tell without a photo if we agree that your brows are too wide apart but it is obviously something that bothers you so here is our advice.

As far as we are aware, there is no way of stimulating hair growth – either with natural or pharmaceutical products - in an area where there has been no growth before.  So you are going to have to add the extra hairs in one way or another.

You could opt for an eyebrow pencil or powder, which is a daily process but works well and is low cost.  There are lots of great products including these award-winning products in the latest edition of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.

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You could also try Faceframe 3D Eyebrows, which last up to 14 days (  Originally developed for cancer patients and those with alopecia or permanent scarring, this in salon beauty treatment applies synthetic mink hairs directly to the skin.  Once fixed, Faceframe 3D Eyebrows are waterproof and moisture proof, for up to a fortnight.  One colleague was delighted with the results.

Finally, you could consider permanent make up, which effectively ‘tattoos’ in the hairs.  We haven’t tried them ourselves but have heard good reports of Karen Betts (, Debra Robson (, and Joanne Lee (