Beauty Clinic: Eye-bag SOS!

Q. What can I do for puffiness under my eyes?

A. There are several possible causes, including food sensitivities, reaction to cosmetics and to pollutants of all kinds.  At this time of year, hay fever is a big problem for many.

Try turning detective to see if foods containing wheat or gluten generally (bread, pasta, breakfast cereals etc) make the puffiness worse.  If so, it really is worth eliminating them for a few days to see if that helps.

Also, teeny amounts of ingredients in cosmetics may trigger a sensitivity reaction – everything from eye make-up (and remover/cleanser) to skincare, even concealer has been a problem in some cases.  If you suspect a product, do stop using it immediately.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 14.47.43Pollutants such as diesel fumes and other airborne particulates – even pesticides on planes - plus pollen and spores can aggravate sensitive eyes.  There are various ranges of soothing eye products including Eye Logic Spray for Dry Eyes (, which soothes sore dry itchy eyes and often helps reduce puffiness.  Sarah always uses it in the hay fever season.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 14.48.02The most effective thing we have found in addition is gentle massage of the eye area.  Apply an eye product such as Dr Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream, (which was the top award winner of that category in our new book The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible).

Tap on the cream with your ring fingers along the bones of the eye socket – it will travel nearer the eye but this way you avoid getting it actually in your eye.  Then stroke firmly, again with your ring fingers,  along the orbital (eye socket) bone from the outside in under your eyes,  going up by the side of your nose and round your eyes so you are circling them.

Do that a few times then take the end of the circle out and down the sides of your face where the lymph glands are to encourage the puffiness to ‘drain’ away.  Try doing this night and morning and you should see a brighter eye area with reduced puffiness.

Our other quick fix for puffies is to stroke an ice cube around your eyes.  If you feel the ice is ‘burning’ the skin, wrap it in a hankie.

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