Beauty Clinic: Emergency leg S.O.S.!

Q. I am going away at the end of this month on a seaside holiday (hopefully hot!) but am having a nervous breakdown about the state of the skin on my legs and the lumpy bumps of dreaded cellulite.  I need to tackle them IMMEDIATELY!  Can you give me some help in getting them ready to bare? A. Gosh!  Okay, here is our plan, as in what we would do in your situation.

The Body Shop Body BrushBody brush daily:  this is probably the single biggest thing you can do – do keep on doing it from now on and you won’t be in this situation again.  You can buy a good inexpensive natural bristle body brush from Liz Earle or The Body Shop.

Brush upwards from your feet in long strokes, on dry skin before your shower or bath.  Always brush towards your heart, all over your body – but avoid tender areas (breasts etc) or broken skin.

Once in your bath, exfoliate.  We suggest Sanctuary Spa 2 in 1 Moisturising Butter Scrub, with sweet almond oil and four nut butters plus a fine combination of sugar and olive stone granules.

Sanctuary Moisturising Body ScrubThat should be enough to moisturise as well but if you stroke your skin and feel need more, then apply a good body butter.

Finally, use a trick we saw swimwear models employing at a fashion show.  There we were in the Ladies with a bunch of models - before we all ended up on the catwalk (we were fully clothed…) - and they were quite plump and also definitely had cellulite.  They were also refreshingly honest about how they made their thighs instantly catwalk-ready.  The answer? ‘Slap on the fake tan….’

So we suggest you look at our latest Beauty Bible Award-winning Body Self-Tanners, which tell you how to get a can’t-tell-it-from-real glow…  Just click here.

And do remember to apply the product with a tanning mitt for a flawless finish.

Oh, while we think of it – we are sure you will have thoroughly de-fuzzed, but if not, please do so...!

So there you go!  Have a wonderful time...


Liz Earle Natural Bristle Body Brush/£8 at - buy here

The Body Shop Body Brush/£8 at - buy here

• Sanctuary Spa 2 in 1 Moisturising Butter Scrub/£6.50 for 200ml at - buy here