Beauty Clinic: Deodorants for pre-teens?


Q. My 12-year old daughter wants to use a deodorant. Do you know of anything that is suitable for her? Sam Farmer Deodorant A. Interestingly, there have recently been products launched specifically for this age group. Some years ago, stay-at-home dad Sam Farmer went off to buy his kids their first teen personal care products. ‘Having seen the rows of products, with pink, pouty, submissive packaging aimed at my daughter and steel grey, macho stuff intended for my son, I left determined to do something about it.’

So… Sam went back to school, studied cosmetic science and formulated a unisex range of skincare products, specifically for adolescents, starting with a gentle but effective Deodorant, £4/50ml. (It’s good for grown-ups too - Jo doesn't often need to use deodorant, but when she does, it's this one, and Sarah ditto.)Sam Farmer Travel Bag He added a Face Wash, Moisturiser, Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner, all at great prices. Plus there’s an award-winning SAMFARMER Travel Pack, £20 (no deo in that though). You can order products from the website, or call 01884-821380.

Fresh Kidz DeodorantYoung testers also road-tested Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Deodorant Roll-on for us, and approved. Again, it’s unisex and designed for younger, sensitive skins, from age eight and up. Fresh Kidz by Keep It Kind Deodorant/£2.99 at