Beauty Clinic: The best leg make-up, please?


Q I’m going to a wedding in a (hopefully) hot country and don't want to wear tights under my dress. But… although my legs are quite good at 50-something, there are a few blemishes, thread veins etc that self-tan doesn't camouflage. Could you suggest natural-looking leg make-up that won’t budge?  A We know just the thing! Sarah relies on Guerlain Terracotta Jolies Jambes Flawless Legs Smoothing & Perfecting Lotion, in two shades (we use Clair 01), £45 for 100ml. (Currently 10% off at

This subtly scented creamy lotion makes legs look unbelievably luscious with a gorgeous golden tan but, as you request, natural – as if your lovely lallies had just had the leg equivalent of a facial. All those little blemishes are blurred to the point of being pretty well invisible.

As for being budge-proof, the challenge is to get this off at the end of the day. (A scrub with a body brush or loofah is our favourite method – or just leave it until it disappears naturally, usually after a couple of days.)

Just one tip: whatever product you choose, do sweep it from the top of thighs down to your toes. Sarah was applying a product in a hurry in a car park and only took it half way up her upper legs… Then discovered her silk dress had a habit of floating up (Marilyn Monroe moment…), revealing the tide line


Photo: Unsplash/Pete Bellis