Beauty Clinic: A lost lipstick love...

Q. I absolutely loved a Chanel lipstick you recommended called Silhouette. This shade has now been discontinued much to my dismay. Can you suggest an alternative shade? Silhouette was the most perfect pinky-brown that looked good on everyone I recommended it to. I have tried several others but nothing comes close. Help please! A. Well!  You just can’t trust anything nowadays, can you?  We loved Silhouette for years so (since we are a tad short of time to scan all the lippy counters, owing to working on our new book… watch this space) we ran off to legendary make-up artist Mary Greenwell.

She sent the following email on her way to the airport for her summer holiday (many thanks, dear Mary).

‘My replacement - which I LOVE EVEN MORE - is MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in a shade called Creme In Your Coffee. It will go with most skin tones and really "enhances" them.’Kanebo_sensai

‘Another is Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Colour in No. 107 which is slightly paler than Creme In Your Coffee. Also, No 106, which has a bit more intensity than 107.’


M.A.C Cremesheen Lipstick (Creme In Your Coffee)/£15 at - buy here

Sensai by Kanebo Rouge Intense Lasting Colour, No 107 and No 106/£25 at - buy here

NB If you are looking on-line, please do remember that the shade may not be quite true to the real thing.