Beauty Clinic: A fragrance for the groom's mother


Q. Can you suggest a delicious perfume to wear as mother of the groom to my son's wedding this summer please?  I'm looking for pretty, memorable and appropriate - beautiful enough to be noticed without being overpowering!  I've been enjoying Mitsouko over the winter and generally like 'powdery' and florals - particularly rose - as long as they don't stray into old lady territory…

 A. We absolutely understand your wanting to wear something that is not available everywhere. We love perfume ourselves – in fact Jo is such a devotee that she co-founded The Perfume Society
One option would be to set aside time to visit a perfumer like Miller Harris ( to sniff - and stop - and sniff again.  They have some truly lovely fragrances. Alternatively, Jo Malone London can introduce you to their 'Fragrance Layering' concept at any counter (and there are many, in stand-alone boutiques and department stores around the country).
Another option is L'Artisan Parfumeur (  Their Drôle de Rose eau de toilette is described as 'an accord of vintage rose, inspired by the powdery aroma of glamorous women preparing for a night out…'.
If you can't get to either of these outlets, Devon-based perfumer Cath Collins offers four floral EDT samples for £7/ You might like to know that The Perfume Society also offer 'Discovery Boxes' which showcase around a dozen scents in each  box for you to try before you buy, at home: Jo says that feedback tells her the Beautiful Blossoms box is wonderfully 'wedding-appropriate', with its bouquet of very wearable florals, many from less well-known perfume houses. It's priced £17.50 (or £15 if you're signed up to The Perfume Society as a VIP Subscriber), here.
And do have a wonderful celebration, won't you?