Beauty Clinic: Everyday sun protection

Q. Having undergone operations to remove possible cancerous growths on my face I'm  looking for an everyday moisturiser with good protection - not too expensive and without nasty additives, i.e. free of aluminium, no alcohol, etc.   Can you please advise? A. Thank you so much for writing to us.  We are sorry to hear about the growths and hope you are recovering well.

Although you say 'good protection’ as if it might be incorporated in the moisturiser, it's important to understand the vital importance of using a dedicated product to give you UVA/UVB protection.

There are two basic problems with relying on daily moisturisers that offer an SPF, during the summer months when the sun is strong.  Firstly, you need to make certain it gives broad spectrum defense against both UVA and B, which many products do not do.  Secondly, even if it does give you the proper protection it will only last for a couple of hours.  And you may not want to be applying moisturiser three or four times a day.

Susan Posnick Brush On BlockWe recommend you look at the Susan Posnick mineral range, which was formulated by a make-up artist (Susan Posnick) after she had skin cancer on her face.  Her latest product is Brush On Block, which offers an SPF30.  It is easy to top up - although of course it only works where you put it so do remember to apply it liberally everywhere.

Now back to moisturisers: there are several lovely natural brands at different price points that come to mind including Weleda, Green People, Dr.Hauschka, Circaroma and Trilogy.  We love and rate all of them.

The exact product depends on your skin type and also the type of moisturizer (smell, texture etc) you prefer.  Here are some ideas (and just click on the name of the product to find them on-line):

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream• Trilogy Line Smoothing Day Cream, £30.50 for 50ml at

• Circaroma Nourishing Facial Cream/£24.80 for a 35 g pot at

• Green People Vita Min Fix 24 Anti-ageing Moisturiser, £14.95 for 50 ml at

• Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream/£24.95 for 30 ml at

• Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream/£12.95 for 30 ml at

• Find the Susan Posnick Brush On Block/£25 at

If you're looking for a facial moisturiser for the beach or time spent outdoors, meanwhile, you might want to look at our run-down of Award-Winning Facial Suncare - just click here to read it.