Beauty Clinic: 'Birthday treat' skincare recommendations


Q. It’s my birthday tomorrow - 40-something, and I’m feeling every one of those years. I am desperate for skincare to help my dry ageing skin. What do you advise? A. Firstly, very happy birthday! Secondly, don't despair: there are some fantastic products out there. In fact, as we say in the Introduction to our book on the subject (The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible), there’s never been a better time to get older.

In your (much) longer email, you list your concerns, which boil down to lines and wrinkles, bags and sags, with a side issue about your neck. Believe us when we say it happens to everyone. Some women notice it sooner than others but, sure as the sun rises and sets, we all get there in the end.

To keep things simple, we are going to recommend three different brands (all British as it happens) that should give you all the products you need. (Overloading is not a good idea.) Click on any highlighted product name below, to find on-line.

Firstly Liz Earle’s Superskin range. Jo is a huge fan of this targeted range for mature or very dry skin. There are two Superskin Moisturisers, one with natural neroli and the other unfragranced for sensitive skin/£39 for 50/ml. Superskin Face Serum/£48 for 30 ml, is formulated especially to help slow the ticking of the clock. We also love Superskin Concentrate for Night/£60 for 50 ml, a delicious blend of pure plant oils, and now there is a new Superskin Overnight Mask/£42 for 100 ml, to treat your skin once or twice a week. Yes, it’s all an investment but if you look on the website,, there are wonderful offers and sampling opportunities so you can try before you spend a lot.

Do also keep an eye out for Balance Me, a brand we know and love. Balance Me offers Anti-Ageing Face Serum/£36 for 30 ml, Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream/£30 for 50 ml, Instant Lift Primer/£22 for 15 ml, and Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25/£26 for 40 ml.

One thing to say here: sun protection is vital at all ages but particularly as we age. UV rays are not skin-friendly.

Another British range we are devoted to is Green People, a natural and largely organic brand. Their Age Defy range provides a potion, lotion or serum for all the concerns you list. They currently offer an Age Control Kit with three products – Vita Min Fix/50 ml, Fruitful Nights Night cream/50ml, and Firming Eye Serum/10 ml – for £36; the value of the products is £48.

Finally, please don't forget nutritional supplements. We listed our favourites in a recent Beauty Bible Beauty Clinic, which you can find on our website.