How can I protect my face from this intense sunshine?

Q. I am worried as to how to protect my face, neck and bosom in this fierce heat.  On workdays, I usually wear foundation and a bit of concealer and don't want to be forever adding more sun preps - so I need something that lasts.  Also, any tips on stopping my foundation slipping off in the heat? A. For weekdays, we suggest a layered approach with a long-lasting sun prep over your moisturiser or serum, plus mineral make-up.  Mineral makeup is naturally protective, as it's based on the minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which provide a physical barrier against UV – but only where you put it of course... (That's why sunscreen is also important.)

UltrasunUltrasun SPF 30 Face gives you a high protection against both UVA and UVB, which will last up to eight hours. It is actually a good moisturiser in its own right, so you may find you can use it on its own.

There are fabulous pure mineral ranges, such as Jane Iredale and bareMinerals, both of which were pioneers in this field.

bareMinerals is more readily available in department stores nationwide ( while Jane Iredale is stocked mostly by beauty salons (it's sold online by

Don't – by the way – be put off by the idea of fluffing and buffing on mineral powder:  it is much easier than it sounds.  And, actually, there are now pressed powder mineral bases, which are great for touch-ups on the go.  Award-winning bareMinerals READY SPF20 Foundation, is available in 10 shades, including ones for darker complexions.

And wear a hat, wherever feasible...!

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