Beauty Clinic: Is it wrong to use wipes?

Q. I know it’s wrong to use cleansing wipes regularly, especially for someone like myself with very dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. But… because of late night work and tiredness, I am hoping there is a cleansing wipe you could recommend for occasional make up removal? Heaven-by-Deborah-Mitchell-Celebrity-Skin-WipesA. Well, we put our hands in the air and admit to being guilty of this beauty sin from time to time. Beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell explains on her Heaven Skincare website that she has never ‘agreed with facial wipes because they don't deep clean’.   But since her daughter Ella Jane loves the convenience of them, the two of them got together to design EllaJane Celebrity Organic Face Wipes, which we vote the tops.

These large (nearly flannel-size) organic cotton wipes are textured to exfoliate, deep clean and even remove mascara. And they don't irritate even the most sensitive eyes, we can promise.

The ingredients include grime-dissolving apple pectin, healing and softening honey plus rebalancing peppermint extract for oily areas. They are suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive complexions, and we can vouch for the fact they won’t dry it out.

faith in nature wipesThe all-natural US skincare company Faith in Nature has some useful 3-in-1 Facial Wipes, offering a pH balanced blend with aloe, vitamin E and natural essential oils to cleanse, moisturise and refresh.  The pads are a bit smaller but still a good size.

This Works WipesLastly, we do like This Works In Transit No Traces pads, with rosewater and water mint plus powerful repairing plant oils, designed to use in the air. These small round pads keep moist in their light plastic box (the others are in flattish, resealable ‘envelopes’) and are particularly useful for removing eye make-up so you don't land with panda eyes.

Heaven Skincare EllaJane Celebrity Organic Face Wipes/£7.30 for 30 wipes at - buy here

Faith in Nature 3-in-1 Facial Wipes/£3.60 for 25 at - buy here

This Works In Transit No Traces Pads/£17 for 60 pads at - buy here