Beauty Clinic: Formaldehyde-free nail polish


Q. I like wearing nail polish but I am allergic to formaldehyde, which is in many brands. Do you know any good ones that don't have this ingredient? A. In the last five years, an increasing number of ‘non-toxic’ nail polishes has been launched that exclude formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and toluene. These are known as 3-free polishes. You should look for lacquers that exclude all formaldehyde (including formaldehyde resin).

Kure Bazaar Nail PolishAmong the brands we like and wear ourselves is Kure Bazaar, created by former model Kartika Luyet after the birth of her son when she turned to more natural cosmetics. At the time, natural nail varnishes couldn't rival conventional brands so, together with experts, Kartika spent several years fine-tuning the cleanest possible formula that offered the best possible performance. The nail varnishes are long-lasting and resistant to chipping, plus the finish is super-glossy.

The Kure Bazaar formula is up to 85% natural and bans formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates and synthetic camphor from all products. (Don't expect them to be totally odour-free, however; only water-based ones have no smell at all.)

Kure Bazaar polishes are labelled 4-free because they combine formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin and also exclude synthetic camphor. Many brands double count formaldehyde and the resin form, then labelling the products 5-free.

Kure Bazaar Rose Nail Polish RemoverKure Bazaar polishes, which come in a wide range of gorgeous colours, cost £15 each, with Nail Polish Removers in Bamboo, £35, and Rose, £30, plus a top coat Final Touch, also £15. Find them at (NB this leading natural beauty and health website also offers a sampling service, so do click on the SAMPLES button at the top and have a look).