Beauty Clinic: Help me find oil-free foundation?


Q. I have started using an expensive prescription routine for my acne and have been advised to use an oil-free foundation only. Many brands are selling foundations labelled oil-free but when you study the ingredients there are in actual fact oil-based additives. Can you recommend any liquid foundations that are truly and totally oil-free? A. The simplest thing for you would be to use a mineral powder foundation, which is by its nature free of oil. Also, they are really good for skin problems of all kinds including acne. Among the leading brands are bareMinerals, Jane Iredale, www.janeiredale/uk and Inika,

Clinique Beyond Perfecting FoundationWe also talked to Clinique, a brand that has always had a ‘guiding dermatologist’ on board and offers a range of oil-free foundations. (Clinique foundations are in general extremely good and we use them ourselves.)

Clinique tells us that they have checked the formulations of their oil-free foundations and they are indeed oil-free. So since you mention liquid foundations we suggest you investigate this range.

Just one more thought: if you use a foundation brush, please be sure to wash it very regularly to avoid spreading the bacteria. With acne, daily would be wise. If you apply foundation with your fingers, be sure to wash them scrupulously before touching your face.