Beatitude Comfort Candle


One of our favourite-ever bath/body/face oil/aromatherapy blenders – Rebecca O'Connor, of Beatitude – has brought out something that's set to soothe as we hurtle towards Christmas. (Is it just us, or does the fact it's already nearly mid-October strike a chill in the heart, as well as our increasingly cold toes, at the thought of everything to do in the next few months...?) This really helps: a 100% natural aromatherapeutic candle with a fantastic awakening blend that somehow calms us at the same time, thanks to lime, clementine, orange and bergamot, geranium, lavender and eucalyptus.

It burns well (just be sure to let the wax 'pool' across the whole surface, the first time you burn it). And it could take a wee bit of extra stress out of the next few weeks – because (if it isn't too early to start mentioning ACTUAL Christmas presents), we can think of several people on our lists who'd really, really love this addition to Beatitude's mood-shifters.

And every 'tick' helps.

Beatitude Comfort Candle/large candle £34 for 300 g, small candle £12 for 100 g at