Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs


We stride off to Margaret Dabbs for regular medical pedicures and are great fans of her practical, down-to-earth footer advice. No question, though: while we swear they're worth every penny, treatments aren't cheap. But with the launch of this new range in good old M&S, created specially for the high street chain, happy feet are several steps closer. The Foot Care Collection Gift set is a good place to start if you want to try several of the products out (and a jolly nice present to yourself, we think).

But we'd suggest going straight for the Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Cracked Heel Balm for Happy Feet (which does what it says on the little tub), the Conditioning Foot Cream (our favourite of all) and the Refreshing Foot Powder Spray. (This last one is brilliant for helping to avoid sweaty summer feet and sandal-rub.)

You might also be interested in the individual gel pads which help prevent shoes from rubbing (just press the sticky side onto a 'danger area').

You're honestly several steps closer to buffed and beautiful feet with this lot. And as we always say (sorry, but we do): happy feet make etc. etc. etc.!

Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs at £3.50 to £12