Bamford Essential Oil Collection


At Beauty Bible, we’ve long been yoga bunnies. But these glorious oils are going to add a whole new dimension to our practice: they're inspired by yoga poses and were developed for classes at the Bamford Haybarn. Now, you’re definitely not going to pause between poses, dash to your gym kit and glide one of the soothing glass rollerballs onto your palms, massage and inhale. But used before the beginning of a class, they definitely get us into the right state of mind that little bit sooner – and their effects can also be harnessed at other challenging times of the day.

Chakrasana is the energy blend (named after a back bend): a wonderfully uplifting fusion of tea eucalyptus, cedarwood, bergamot and lemon tea tree. Fond of power yoga? This is the blend for you – and it’s also good for sluggish days

Balasana, named after child’s pose, is a protective oil – about to come into its own in the cold and ‘flu season, with its blend of frankincense, anti-bacterial cajaput, juniper and eucalyptus. Good for a hatha yoga class, we reckon – but we’ll also be applying liberally before venturing onto public transport.

Padmasana is for concentration: rosemary, grapefruit, ylang ylang, basil and ginger. We’ve found it’s a brilliant oil to inhale before meditating – and also when a deadline’s approaching.

Shavasana is the final oil – named after relaxation pose, or corpse pose, to promote recovery and rest. (Jo tried it before a restful yin yoga class and was pretty wowed.) Camomile, lavender, tea tree and geranium feature in the blend – and it’s wonderful before bedtime for inducing sleep.

The oils are available individually – but it’s definitely worth dropping hints with Santa for the set. Just repeat after us: ‘Om…’

Bamford Essential Oil Collection/£25 individually or £80 for the gift set of four at