Balance Me Skin Brightening Body Polish


This is just the ticket to get your under-the-thermals skin a little bit more dewy and glow-y again. If it sounds familiar, it is: Skin Brightening Body Polish has been part of the collection from the start, but has been reformulated and repackaged as part of Balance Me’s 10-year celebrations.

New and improved? We’d say so. With a lovely creamy texture, this is a very viable alternative to those oil-based scrubs which sometimes require an equal amount of scrubbing of the bath tub. The natural exfoliant is sea salt grains, and there are indeed nourishing elements in the base – shea butter, sweet almond and coconut oil – but somehow, the creaminess of the formulation means it doesn’t stick to the tub.

It’s lightly and un-toothpaste-ishly scented with spearmint oil for a bit of zing: just brilliant for winter skin, as well as summer bodies, and great for a blitz of those especially rhino-like bits on heels and elbows which can build up at an out-of-sight-out-of-mind time of year.

Balance Me Skin Brightening Body Polish/£18 for 150ml at