Balance Me Fresh Cleanse Micellar Water


Micellar waters are miraculous. Here’s the science bit: within the liquid – which looks just like water – are actually microscopic oil particles, or ‘micelles’ (hence the name) which dissolve impurities without stripping the skin. Micellar waters are formulated with non-irritating surfactants, ideal for even sensitive skins.

Beyond that, these one-stop cleansers actually help to defend the skin’s all-important protective barrier from the limescale and other potential irritants found in tap water. They were originally created in the 1990s to help Parisian women deal with the region’s famously hard water.

As quick and easy to use as facial wipes, micellar waters are way more eco-friendly (most wipes take ages to break down in landfill, and if you flush them down the loo they can create blockages).

There are plenty of micellar waters around, meanwhile, but we’re loving this natural option from Balance Me: it’s ultra-effective and smells downright lovely, blending chamomile, bergamot, neroli and mandarin oils, together with a peptide complex.

You can, if you like, use it as a second step in a ‘double-cleanse’– but we promise it’ll remove pretty much every molecule of make-up, gunk and grime on its own. (Almost up there with the loaves and the fishes, in fact.)

Balance Me Fresh Cleanse Micellar Water/£16 for 180ml at