It’s not often an entire new make-up collection lands fully-formed on our desks, but Bagsy just has – and we’ve got a bit of a girl-crush. It’s prettily-packaged and FUN. (Flamingo make-up bag, anyone? Yes, please.) Powders have messages pressed into them – for instance, the bronzer comments: ‘Sunshine is my favourite accessory.’

But we need make-up to be more than cute; we need it to perform – and this does. Standout products include Pretty Cheeks, a dome-shaped blusher so soft and smooth you could literally put it on in the dark (we’re more Velvet Rose than Velvet Coral, personally), and the Wonder Wand: a two-in-one pencil which illuminates and conceals, in one chubby stick.

Prices are very reasonable: from £6 for the Heavenly Hands hand cream to £18 for the Wonder Wand. (And currently, – the exclusive stockists – is running some great offers right-now-this-minute, if you’re quick.

Bagsy all of it, as far as we’re concerned.

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