B.Nourished Day Cream


Here's a funny thing about expensive beauty -v- bargain beauty. In many cases, you'd be better off saving on skincare and splurging on make-up. Because there are some truly fantastic, highly-affordable skincare treats out there – of which this is one.

B.Nourished Day Cream is rich and creamily lavish, at first application (hear that face go slurp, slurp, slurp!) – but then sinks in to deliver a satin-finish that's not oily or greasy at all, yet is wonderfully skin-quenching. Make-up glides on just gorgeously afterwards (and it sinks in fast, so it's quite good for time-poor beauties). Technically, it's for skins aged 50+ – but we think it's a great choice at any age.

The formulation isn't 'natural' – but there are some beauty-boosting botanicals alongside the peptides and the polymers. Think: cotton seed oil, shea butter, glycerine and plantain leaf extract.

Most impressively, this simple, subtly-scented cream offers an SPF25 with high UVA protection. This is the time of year you definitely want to start wearing daily SPF – and this is a truly fantastic place to start.

B. B.Nourished Day Cream/£12.49 for 50ml buy now