Award-Winning Body Suncare

Earlier this summer, we dispatched dozens of different body sun protection products to our Beauty Bible testers, asking them to rate the products for ease of application, fragrance, sheer pleasure factor (the sun protection factor is a given - and NB we still recommend high-ish protection for bodies, as well as faces). Here are their high-scorers... Clarins Sun Care Cream SPF20

Clarins Sun CreamImpressively, the packaging on this generous-size squeezy tube from a leading skincare brand emphasises that it offers moderate UVA and UVB protection for all skin types that tan easily - so don't expect it to protect you against very strong sun. Alongside the chemical screen are natural ingredients including aloe and sunflower seed oil to keep skin hydrated.

Comments:‘10/10 for a great product! Makes my skin feel really soft and plumped-up, with no irritation which is unusual for me' • ‘sank in quickly and was not a chore to apply like some sun creams' • ‘I recommend this product which has a lovely fresh fragrance, felt very moisturising and left skin silky soft' • ‘this is really lovely and I would buy for me as a treat – not the rest of the family!' • ‘I’m passionate about using sun care daily and loved this product because it was so lovely to use.'

Clarins Sun Care Cream SPF20/£20 for 200 ml - buy here


M&S Sun LotionM&S Formula SPF30 Sun Lotion

This great value product, in a squeezy tube with flip top, was formulated by Australian Sun Experts for M&S's own cosmetic brand.  It offers the highest protection against UVA and B via chemical screens, is water resistant (you should still apply after swimming though), vitamin E to nourish skin and is fragrance free, which testers liked.  It also suits all skin tones, our testers say.

Comments: ‘Much easier to apply and sank in better than my usual sun cream, leaving no white residue or ashiness on my mixed race skin.  My body felt as moisturised as if I had used a body lotion; it suited my face too' • ‘beach/bathroom friendly squeezable tube, perfectly designed to control amount dispensed' • ‘the precise instructions on how much to apply were brilliant' • ‘liked the fresh, aqua with a hint of floral fragrance – a lot better than some others' • ‘my skin didn't react at all to this and I liked the decent-sized tube so you don’t feel the need to be stingy with it; although it was SPF30 it didn't feel heavier than a more standard SPF15 – great for the beach'.

M&S Formula SPF30 Sun Lotion/£9.50 for 200 ml - buy here



Ultra SunUltrasun Family 30 Super Sensitive All Day Protection

The whole Ultrasun range offers all-day protection with one application and is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume.  This product is especially formulated for very sensitive and children’s skins, also helping to prevent prickly heat and good for protecting vulnerable areas such as noses, necks and shoulders.

Comments: ‘Top marks for lovely light consistency and quick absorption with no chalky residue; perfect for kids' • ‘Brilliant!  This was a blessing as I didn't experience my usual prickly heat on chest and back (despite the alcohol listed which I had thought would increase the risk)' • ‘some really good points for this product: once a day application is convenient and fits in with busy lives; easy to apply, no reactions with my skin, no smell I didn't like, high factor and good dispenser, which kept the bottle clean' • ‘this product is really effective all day; I have used it in Florida with no sunburn on my fair skin (but avoid contact with clothes until it is absorbed as it may stain)'.

Ultrasun Family 30 Super Sensitive All Day Protection/£18 for 150 ml - buy here


Sunscreen savvy: how much sunscreen should you use?

  • Apply sun care liberally 15 minutes before going out in the sun and 15 minutes after.
  • Then reapply frequently (every one to two hours) and always after swimming and towelling.
  • For an average-size adult, apply one teaspoon of sunscreen to each arm, leg, front of body and back, and half a teaspoon to your face including ears and back of neck.


Chantecaille Ultra Sun ProtectionSUNCARE SECRET Olivia Chantecaille, skincare expert and mother

‘The sun has become so much stronger you really see the damage on your face more than ever.  Now I have a little baby and see how perfect her skin is, it makes me want to protect my skin even more than before.  I rely on our lightweight, oil-free Ultra Sun Protection SPF50, which not only protects against UVA/B but also has a natural anti-glycation ingredient that protects collagen from environmental damage.  My husband puts it on too and never complains!

Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF50/£76 for 50 ml - buy here