Award-winning Body Suncare

Dozens of creams and lotions.  Hundreds of women.  That's how we put these tanning products through their paces, to share the best with you. Body tanners gobble up a lot of suitcase-space:  with so many square inches to cover, under the burning sun, we're all looking for products that are pleasurable to apply, smell nice - and shield our skins unstickily.  So:  better get it right, before leaving home.  To help point you in the direction of the best buys - luxe, 'steal' and more natural - we trialled plenty of options on our recruits for the YOU Magazine Summer Sun Special.  They slathered diligently, and as ever, feedback here is based on the opinions of 10 women, in each case.  We appreciate that an SPF30 might seem high, for protecting bodies - but we promise that you will not only get a tan, but it will last longer as it's developed more slowly.  (So that it doesn't fade before your holiday memories do...)

Clinique SPF Body

LUXURY Clinique SPF30 Body Cream Score: 8.33/10 Clinique revamped their suncare last year and since then, our testers have been giving rave reviews - including for this body suncare product.  Clinique's 'blurb' is all a bit technical, so the panellists' comments really help bring this easy-to-use sun cream alive, we think.  (If you really want to know what they told us, 'Innovative SolarSmart Technology stabilises high-level protection against the ageing and burning effects of UVA and UVB rays.  Triggers a renewal that helps prevent signs of ageing.  Shields skin against environmental aggressors'.  We're not really much wiser, from that - but our testers' thoughts on usage are a bit more edifying.  NB  A couple of testers commented on the nice fragrance, yet (in common with all Clinique products), it's technically fragrance-free.

Comments:  'It's great that it's an SPF30, but it's actually really pleasant to use as a general moisturiser: my skin felt very soft after application, and this lasted for several hours' • 'delicate, pleasant fragrance, with a nice, creamy texture' • 'the cream completely disappeared;  no sheen or white look to the skin - and quite a matte feeling' • 'travelled well in my suitcase' • 'skin had a nice glow/natural sheen' • 'yummy smell - felt holiday-ish but subtle' • 'compares really well with any sunscreen I've used in the past, disappearing rapidly into skin'.

CliniqueSPF30 Body Cream/£19.50 for 150 ml at - buy here


BEAUTY STEAL Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF30 Score: 8.21/10 Nivea-Moisturising-Sun-Lotion-SPF30-187352According to Nivea, this formulation helps to reduce the risk of sun allergies, while providing long-lasting yet instant protection. But do note:  they recommend that one 200 ml bottle lasts only 13 applications – a reminder that you need to apply any sun product more lavishly than you’d imagine.  Nivea score consistently high marks in our trails and their f

ixture is a great destination if you're looking for affordable protection.  (As we've just said, suncare should always be applied generously - and if your chosen product is heart-stoppingly expensive, you're more likely to skimp.)

Comments:  ‘Skin felt very smooth, soft and supple in very, very hot Sri Lankan sun plus wind – went on easily, absorbed quickly and left nice sheen’ • ‘excellently moisturising, pleasant fragrance, effective sun protection: I would buy it for myself and my children’ • ‘like the easy flip-top and squeezy container’ • 'I actually use Nivea so was glad to get this in my package - I always seem to come back to this brand, and I like the fresh, summery, not-quite-floral-but-fresh scent;  the product itself disappeared easily into skin' • 'rubs in quickly with no residue - which is important as I dislike SPF products that leave chalkiness or white marks/streaks' • 'sinks into skin and is not greasy' • 'the pleasant scent and moisturising feel meant it seemed more like applying a body lotion than a greasy, distinctively-scented suntan lotion;  I like this and would rebuy'.

Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF30/£10.49 for 200ml at - buy here


Jurlique Sun LotionNATURAL WONDER Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF30+ Score: 8.11/10 This does double duty for bodies where you’d like a higher level of protection – as well as being suitable for the face.  Skin-conditioning botanicals include jojoba, avocado and safflower oil, as well as vitamin E as a natural antioxidant– but testers did comment that the glass bottle wasn’t 100 per cent beach-friendly.  It offers broad-spectrum protection - a mix of natural titanium dioxide and some synthetic sunscreens.  Many of the testers commented on the wonderful fragrance, quite different to most suncare.

Comments:  ‘Love that it features biodynamic ingredients – and packaging all recyclable – and it feels really lovely on my skin’ • ‘left my dry parched skin very hydrated and unbelievably flake-free’ • ‘particularly liked the safety shield over the dispenser’ ‘loved the herby/lightly floral scent, no white marks or streaks, it just sank straight in, leaving skin very soft - ideal for daily use’ • light, herby/floral scent - not a usual type of sunscreen scent, and very refreshing - I like it' • 'sinks into skin fast and is quickly absorbed' • 'beautiful pampering fragrance - could detect lavender and citrus smells, and an ideal scent for summer' • 'felt weightless on the skin, with no oily residue'.

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