Aveda Tulasāra Morning Awakening Ritual


This is something completely different – and completely appropriate to ‘new year’ skin. (10 days of mince pies and watching re-runs of Love Actually are never t-h-a-t good for a complexion…) So now that we’re all revving up again, time to do the same for your face. The Aveda Tulasāra Morning Awakening Ritual kit comprises a facial oil infused with skin-awakening ingredients, drawing on Ayurvedic skin wisdom for its effectiveness. It’s based on a traditional technique called ‘Gharsana’, and deploys a resin-handled, nylon-bristled brush to massage and buff the face (use it on dry not wet or moisturised skin).

It's super-soft but super-effective at boosting circulation, so skin looks fresh and vibrant. (Strangely soothing, too.) You probably know all about the virtues of body brushing – but this does the same, for your face. And trust us: it's a coming trend.

Then apply a drop or two of the swiftly-absorbed Radiant Oleation Oil, which is inspired by another Ayurvedic tradition known as Abhyanga. It’s based on jojoba, rosehip, apricot, sesame, sunflower and sweet almond oil – but it’s honestly lightweight and a drop or two is all that’s needed (we've been using it under moisturiser), to complete the skin-reviving task. (Suitable for all skintypes, even oily.)

Be gone, skin blahs!

 Aveda Tulasāra Morning Awakening Ritual/£65 at aveda.co.uk