Aveda Nourish-Mint™ Smoothing Lip Color


You really can’t have too many lip treats, at this time of year. Well, actually, you can: Jo recently excavated seven different balms and moisturising lip products from her handbag, re-homing them in different coat and jacket pockets as per our standard Beauty Bible advice. We like to have a lip treat on hand, whenever outdoors, to combat the elements.)

This classic Aveda product has done incredibly well with our Beauty Bible testers over the years, and is available for the new season in a gorgeous new Blackberry shade. (Looks scarily black in the tube, but actually delivers a gorgeous deep wine/bitten-lip colour, when slicked on.)

We’ve certainly always enjoyed these Aveda lipsticks ourselves, for their slightly tingly mintiness (the Nourish-Mint™ formula also features ginger and vanilla). Plant and fruit waxes feature, too, to plump and hydrate.

And this is staying firmly in Jo’s handbag, for easy access.


Aveda Nourish-Mint™ Smoothing Lip Color/£15 at www.houseoffraser.com