Autograph All in One Nail Colour


Why are we writing about something that won't win any prizes for its glossiness? Isn't going to scoop an award for how long it lasts on the nails...?

Definitely isn't the best polish we've ever tried?

Stay with us, readers. Because when you've a nail 'emergency', this is brilliant. It doesn't need base coat, doesn't need top coat (though both of those do improve the finish). A couple of coats take just a minute or two – and it's robustly dry in a few minutes more.

There are lots of shades – though for this season, you might want to go for deep chocolate brown Hepworth, or the pretty rosy-pink New Order.

Autograph All in One Nail Colour is something you want (literally) at your fingertips for those moments when you've got to look groomed for a meeting – or before your future mother-in-law descends and you've been too busy tidying and putting a roast in the oven to twig: you're decidedly un-groomed.

Putting it right up there with safety pins and double-sided tape for droopy hems, in our emergency kit.

Autograph All in One Nail Colour/£6 at