Astral Soft


The 'original' Astral cream is one of beauty's all-time steals. (Try arguing with £1.52 for a 5o ml pot). Clearly, budget isn't the reason it's attracted legions of high-profile, glam fans, including Joanna Lumley, Kate Beckinsale, Emma Thompson, Patsy Kensit and Twiggy. (We don't usually go for celebrity mentions - yawn - but Astral's roll-call is, as you can see, impressive for such an affordable skin treat.)

Now Astral's unveiled a new addition to the family: Astral Soft. It has all the mega-moisturising, water-binding properties of the original (including a generous dollop of vitamin E, plus aloe vera) - but in a softer, slightly more liquid texture that makes it suitable for slathering top-to-toe.

We won't be surprised if it turns up on a high-profile bedside or two. You're never too famous to love a bargain.

Astral Soft/£2.99 for 100 ml at and independent pharmacies nationwide