AromaWorks AromaBombs


At the recent Cosmetic Executive Women Demonstration Evening (a.k.a. ‘Bunfight at the O.K. Corral’), we were reminded of these. And if you think you’d grown out of bath bombs, aromatherapy brand AromaWorks very sophisticated offering will convince you otherwise. Not cheap, for sure (so definitely not for everyday) – but if you’ve a very special bath night coming up, then a real treat.

They come in four scents: Nurture, Inspire, Soulful and Serenity, of which our absolute favourite is the last. A blend of Himalayan sea salt, lemongrass, neroii and geranium, the scent is balm for the senses.

The gentle fizzing as it dissolves in warm bathwater makes us feel 13 again –so does that qualify AromaBombs as ‘anti-ageing’, we wonder...? AromaWorks AromaBombs/£15 for an AromaBomb Duo or a mixed AromaBomb Quad Box for £29.99 at