Aromatherapy Associates for Liberty Clear Mind Bath & Shower Oil


Feeling the pressure? Hmm, us too. A new bath oil from Aromatherapy Associates (you'll know we're unswervingly devoted) is one of the snippets of beauty news to get our paces pulsing - but this calms them right down again, really quickly.

It's been created, as ever, by the wonderful Geraldine Howard - who we're so pleased to say will right about now be receiving her CEW Achiever Award, as recognition for her services to the beauty industry.

Jo's finding Clear Mind really useful before her Headspace meditation in the mornings, helping to still and focus the mind with its blend of chamomile and lavender, frankincense and bergamot. (Read more about Headspace here.) It's not soporiphic (unlike its Deep Relax 'sister', which is like knock-out drops), but leaves you feeling serene yet alert, at the same time.

Normally, we'd throw away the boxes these oils come in - but really, with its Liberty print, this is way too pretty for that.

At £48, there will be those out there who think that the price is steep - but as we always say: one capful really does the job.

And in a crazy world, truly, what price calm and a clear mind, frankly?

Aromatherapy Associates for Liberty Clear Mind Bath & Shower Oil/£48 for 55 ml at