Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil Collection


We’ve always maintained that skin’s needs should be assessed almost daily. And this new Face Oil Collection from our beloved Aromatherapy Associates taps right into that.

It mirrors their marvellous selection boxes of bath/shower oils: six targeted oils to help you feed your skin what it needs, at any given time, with around a week’s supply of each oil. (Each ‘dose’ is around three drops.) Here’s the line-up…

Hydrating Revitalising Face Oil – a get-your-glow-on blend of frankincense and rose.

Inner Strength Soothing Face Oil – for times of skin flare-up and inflammation, with baobab seed oil.

Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil – rose and sandalwood, to soothe dry skin while boosting circulation.

Anti-Ageing Fine Line Face Oil – powered by antioxidant apple and raspberry seed oils, which also boost collagen production.

Anti-Ageing Intensive Skin Treatment Oil – rosehip, wheatgerm and vitamin E are anti-inflammatory/regenerative.

Mattifying Face Oil – last but not least, the choice for those who are generally oil refuseniks, with antiseptic lavender and balancing ylang ylang. Proof that anyone can benefit from facial oils…

So: just listen to your skin. And mix and match, as required/desired.

£53 for 6 x 3 ml oils – buy here