Argan+ Moroccan Mint Invigorating Body Wash


We suspect that getting out of bed to return to work for a New Year after 10 pyjama days watching repeats of 'Love Actually' might be a tad challenging. This, however, should put some zing in your morning: a surprisingly skin-nourishing body wash with a fabulous wake-up call of a fragrance, based on fresh mint and thyme. (It's pretty, however, rather than medicinal - like a fresh mint tea.)

Argan+ Moroccan Mint Invigorating Body Wash is ultra-gentle and doesn't strip skin at all, with very low levels of detergent - in fact, your body feels nourished afterwards, thanks to the blend of oils, which include kukui, sacha inchi, baobab (rich in vitamins A and F) and moringa oil. (That's the oil which facialist Emma Hardie so swears by in her skincare range.)

It's the perfect, ditch-the-PJs start to 2016. (And really affordable, with it - as is everything in the Argan+ range.)

Argan+ Moroccan Mint Body Wash/£4.95 for 200ml at