Anya Hindmarch Smells new candles


The Queen of Handbags has been putting smiles on our faces for a while now – especially with her ‘Build-a-Bag’ offering. It’s like Build-a-Bear but for handbags, allowing you to accessorise handbags with monster faces, pompoms, stickers and more.)

Her fragrance line debuted last autumn with a trio of candles – also adorned with designs from her Sticker Shop, and in boxes a bit like Rubik’s Cubes, much too nice to throw away because you can twist them around to create a message to match your mood.

But we had to share with you news of these three new candles – because two are beauty-inspired! (Definitely birthday wishlist-priced, but sooooo adorable.)

Toothpaste is a great wake-up call for the sense, invigorating with French peppermint, spearmint, rhubarb stalk, a candyfloos accord, grapefruit rind and menthol, ‘combined with striped pyjamas and early nights.’ (We told you she was funny.)

Washing Powder is a breezy, outdoorsy, slighty marine floral, with notes of watermelon, galbanum, hyacinth, pine needles, crocus and honeysuckle gusting through it, combined with ‘freshly-made beds and missing socks’.

Lip Balm is our fave, though – imagine Cherry Coke meets boudoir chic (but so much nicer than it sounds!), ‘inspired by first kisses’ with its notes of dark cherry, plum flesh, pomegranate, vanilla, tonka and musk, blended with ‘teenage romance and boy band posters’.

It’s quietly and gorgeously flickering in the corner of the Beauty Bible HQ, right now…

£50 for small candle/£150 for the three-wick candle – buy here