Antipodes Lipsticks


We really do love a lipstick that's good enough to eat – and at a push, you could do that with Antipodes lipsticks. Created by the Beauty Bible Award-winning natural and organic New Zealand brand, we also love the fact that these are lip-lovingly packed with lashings of avocado, calendula, argan and evening primrose oils - alongside beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E, for a truly conditioning effect as you slick any one of the 12 shades onto your lips.

These range from pale honey toned Golden Nectar through to deep, dark Orient Bay Plum. (Us? Were loving the perfect cherry Ruby Bay Red shade.)

The colour pay-off of this moisturising lipstick is great. But since it's said that the average woman will consume as many as three kilos of lipstick into her body (along with food, drink – and just via general lip-licking), the naturalness of these lipsticks really is relevant.

We don't recommend that you actually do eat Antipodes Lipsticks, of course. But on a desert island, at a pinch...? Well, you'd survive. (And look rather glamorous, while you're waiting to be rescued.)

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