Amy's nifty nail tip

So:  in walks Amy (our appropriately beautiful Executive Assistant) to the Beauty Bible office. With literally the most gorgeous nails ever:  ruby-red, with perfect gold half-moons.

And Jo says:  'How did you do that...?'

Here's Amy's explanation - which we thought we'd share, because it's so darned genius.  (These are her hands, BTW.)

Step 1  Apply two coats of gold metallic nail polish (over base coat, of course.)

Step 2  Leave until completely dry.

Step 3  Take some hole punch reinforcement stickers, cut in half and place on the nail in a half-moon shape, where you don't want the red polish to go.

Step 4  Apply two coats of red nail polish over the nail.

Step 5  Leave to dry and peel away the sticker, then add a top coat over the entire nail.

As well as 'Most Gorgeous Nails ever', we think this also qualifies as:  'Most Glamorous Use of Stationery'.