Alpha-H Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF50+


There are just too few hand creams around featuring SPFs, if you ask us. Look at the proliferation of facial SPFs: virtually every skincare range you can think of boasts a moisturiser with sunscreen built in. But hand creams? Nah.

Hellooooo, then, to Alpha-H Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF50+: a new (and better) way to guard against age spots, wrinkles and what our friends often refer to as ‘old lady hands’. (We think that’s rather cruel, and think that hands should be recognised for all the amazing things they’ve helped us to achieve over a lifetime – but still, why should they look any older than they have to…?)

Not thick or chalky, pleasantly moisturising, this is no chore to use. Its active ingredients (alongside the UVA/UVB filters) include vitamins C, E, New Zealand pine bark extract (a mega-antioxidant), and something called ‘ectoin’, which naturally improves the skin’s ability to store moisture.

In reality, by a strange quirk of calculation, SPF50+ doesn’t actually offer much more protection than an SPF30 – but there aren’t many of those around at all, anyway. And if you worry that your hands will give your age away faster than a glimpse in your biometric passport, carry this in everywhere.

Use it like a regular hand cream – but reapply every time you wash your hands,

Alpha-H Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF50+ is at£35 for 100ml