Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm

File under 'rediscovering an old friend'. We go back with Aesop - oooooh, much longer than we care to remember.  (Jo's probably the only journalist to have visited them in Melbourne.  Three times...)

This smarter-than-your-average-bear beauty brand has always been a bit 'different' (they're into philosophy, art, sociology, not just moisturising molecules and natural ingredients).  Their shops are invariably quirky, and often in very 'interesting' locations.  However, if you don't require a bit of Baudelaire with your body lotion or Marcel Proust with your moisturiser, never fear:  these aromatherapy-inspired products can be taken and enjoyed at face value.

To wit:  after a separation of some years, we just reacquainted ourselves with this scrumptious cream, with a scent that evokes zesting an orange and a luscious, skin-quenching texture just right for a body that's been exposed to a little more salt and sun than usual, and requires nurturing.  There's cooling aloe in there, as well as sweet almond oil, orange oil, coconut oil, carrot root extract - but the blend's easy to smooth into skin.

We're also fans of the fact that all ingredients are listed on the front of the tube, not tucked shyly away.

Honesty's always welcome, in an old friend.

UK readers find Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm at£20 for 120 ml - buy here (NB  If you visit via our site - here - and then go to, you'll get a 10% discount by adding the code BEAUTYBIBLE at checkout.  And that applies to almost everything on their site.  Might sound like a lot of hassle but can any of us really afford to turn our noses up at a few quid off...?) US readers find it at$33 for 120 ml - buy here