Aesop Aromatique Room Sprays


God, we love the smell of Aesop products. Sometimes, we just go into a store and b-r-e-a-t-h-e. (There's one on the corner of Soho's Lexington Street, where Jo stays when she has to be in London.)

Now, though, we can bring the smell home with us – with the launch of three incredible aromatherapy-based room sprays from this favourite Aussie name.

Granted, names are a bit weird-sounding.

First up is Olous: uplifting and invigorating, it 'honours the city of Olous, long lost to the Mediterranean seabed.' They do that via a blend of jasmine, bergamot and grapefruit, with a gust of green galbanum on a cedar, cardamom and incense base.

Istros (which gets its name from an ancient Greek port) blends pink pepper, mimosa and lavender on a base of cedarwood and sandalwood, with touches of tobacco wafting through. It's the sweetest of the trio.

Cythera (named after a Greek island) is described as a 'robust' blend of geranium, neroli, patchouli, ambrette and myrrh – and our favourite, actually: wonderfully grounding and earthy and just what we expect from Aesop, in terms of mind-shifting powers.

We're spritzing wildly – and loving every sensorially-soothing waft.

Aesop Aromatique Room Sprays/£37 each for 100ml at