Aerin Rose de Grasse Body Cream


There are times when we all deserve a serious, major treat. A celebration. A cheer-up gift. Or when we’ve put our heart, soul and all our energy into getting something done. That’s really when beauty comes into its own, isn’t it...? This is a product for those moments: the most luscious, extravagant, divinely-scented body cream you can imagine – and definitely a luxe price, to match. Having said that, the jar’s massive and will enable you to lavish skin time after time with a buttery-textured, nourishing blend that smells utterly, sense-drenchingly of roses.

So next time you deserve something very special, give yourself something that will last way, way longer than a bunch of flowers – and is even more fragrant.

Aerin Rose de Grasse Body Cream/£64 for 150ml at