Acqua d'Alfresco Insect Repellent Fine Fragrance Spray

Horrid, horrid, horrid:  with most insect repellents it's a toss-up between the ghastly smell, and getting bitten. But Acqua d'Alfresco is like a breath of fresh air, in the bug-busting world.

Or rather, a breath of soft, Oriental muskiness - a touch Guerlain-esque, even, with its blends of 22 essential oils.  As they say, 'humans love it, insects hate it'.

And to wit, its effectiveness has been tried and tested at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Spray it around vulnerable areas - elbows and ankles, particularly, in our case - every three hours or so.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  And we'd wear it even if we weren't worried about being a mosquito's banquet.

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